Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bayou Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

What The Klan Is:
The Bayou Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is a law abiding fraternal White brotherhood.
We do NOT promote illegal activities in any form.
We are NOT a hate group.
We oppose criminal activities committed period!
What The Klan Stands For:
The White Race: The irreplaceable hub of our nation, our Christian Faith, and high levels of western culture and technology.
America First: First before any foreign or alien influence or interest.
The Constitution:
As originally written and intended: The finest system of government conceived by man.
Free Enterprise: Private property and ownership of business, but an end to high-effluence exploitation.
Positive Christianity: The right of the American people to practice their faith including prayers in school.
We Support:
Adopting laws requiring immediate deportation of all illegal aliens with any appeals to be made from their native land at their expense, not our taxpayers.
Construction of military bases along the Mexican border and the use of military force to patrol the border. This would provide troops with practical experience and save money now spent on training exercises.
Creating a three-tiered school system with white schools, black school, and integrated schools thus allowing freedom of choice to attend the school of preference. This would ease tension and disciplinary problems that now prevent learning because students and teachers fear physical attack by students who are forced into an environment that is strange and uncomfortable to them.
Passing legislation to prevent discrimination against whites by the courts.
Building and maintaining a strong U.S. military. Keeping foreign intelligence (CIA) and domestic intelligence (FBI) operations strong. Providing them both with effective tools and sufficient manpower to investigate and control Communist and terrorist activity worldwide.
The promotion and advancement of sound local, state, and national government.
The promotion and advancement of constitutional principles of freedom and justice even for White people.
Preservation of state’s rights and national sovereignty , America first.
The advancement of all other principles of limited government as defined by the authors of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.
Promoting an informed electorate though political education and publication of candidates’ positions on issues.
Rigid law enforcement with swift trial and punishment suitable to the crime.
Enforcement of capital punishment.
Stricter enforcement of child abuse laws: rape laws and crimes of violence.
Strict enforcement of anti obscenity, indecency, and pornography laws.
Deregulation of oil and gas industries to encourage increased productivity and research of new sources of energy.
Reinstatement of voluntary prayer in public schools.
Neighborhood schools.
Retaining Americanism vs. Communism as a required subject.
Reinstatement of the traditional 3 R’s in public school system, including the phonics system.
Home education.
Fiscal responsibility at all levels of government.
Balanced budgets.
A national strategy of peace through strength.
A ban on direct or indirect transfer of American technology, loans, trade credit, grants and "most favored nations" status to Communist and Non-Christian Nations.
WE Oppose:
High crime rate.
Illegal aliens.
They are taking jobs, housing and public assistance money needed by American citizens and creating a heavy tax burden on taxpayers.
Deterioration of our education system.
Discrimination against Whites by Federal Courts and Laws.
Advancing world Communism
Additional gun legislation at any level of government.
Decriminalization and/or legalization of prostitution.
Decriminalization and/or legalization of marijuana or any drugs.
Affirmative action plans (hiring of minorities through a quota system) which have end result of reverse discrimination and displacement of seniority system.
Government takeover of oil and gas industries.
Euthanasia and abortion on demand
Removal from textbooks of identification of traditional male and female roles.
Government interference in the private and parochial schools.
Forced bussing.
Use of taxpayers money to lobby for/against any legislation